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Sok's Shop

Releases by ex-Ex vocalist G.W. Sok and other projects featuring Mr. Sok. Plus various otherwise-hard-to-find stuff by befriended fellow-travellers.

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Zo'n acht jaar lang schreef Sok een tweemaandelijkse column voor het alternatieve muziektijdschrift Opscene. Hier zijn ze alle 50...: "Een bundeling vol bezopen taalerupties met een ontnuchterende weerzin voor eng Nederland op z'n smalst." (In Dutch.) Uitgebracht door Druxat in 2001. 104 pagina's …
SOMETIMES PUNS ARE A SIGN OF A DAMAGED BRAIN by Ig Witzelsucht — - A crystalline jewel of pop-rock deluxe pleasure, featuring Dominic Robertson (Ego Phizmiz) and Lukas Simonis (Stepmother). Released on Megaphon in co-operation with Knock 'Em Dead in 2017. Tracklist SIDE A 01 Dodecahedron 02 …
Hanging In The Balance is Jackdaw With Crowbar's 1991 vinyl album. Released on the Italian HAX label. JDW are from Leamington Spa, England. This elpee comes with a full-colour 16-page booklet. Side A: 1. Crosing the great divide; 2. Curse; 3. U(nited) R(ebel) N(ations); 4. Ice dub; 5. Mellow wren …
API UIZ is an ultimate rock sub-genre mixed of colored punk spirit. The compositions are an alternating pattern of repetitive parts and feverish flights within a noisy background where hooky flaming tunes try to exist. It is because the group hopes to contribute to the survival of joy and drama in t …
THIS IS A 10" ALBUM WITH A 24 PAGE COMIC BOOK!!! COOLHAVEN plays Rondos and Tändstickorshocks songs combining the sound of these late 1970s punk bands from Rotterdam with the early 1990s Rotterdam gabberbeat. COOLHAVEN are Lukas Simonis, Peter Fengler, Hajo Doorn. Includes a 24-page comic book by …
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