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AND SO SAY ALL OF US by The Ex + Guests
An exciting film by the Practice Tapes collective from Dublin of the 3 nights of “The Ex 33⅓ Years Festival” in London's Café Oto. The festival was a series of euphoric and ecstatic concerts in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London with a staggering number of special guests. In C …
€10.00 €5.00
Katrin (drums, vocals), Terrie (guitar), Andy (guitar), Luc (bass), G.W. Sok (vocals). Recorded at Electrical Audio Studio, Chicago, USA. Produced by Steve Albini. It's A Sin Your browser is unable to play mp3 files Tracklist Frenzy Let's Panic Later I.O.U. (Nought) Art O …
€10.00 €5.00
Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Luc (bass), Katrin (drums), Nicolette (guitar, whistles, mouth-organ). Guest musicians; Ferrie Meurkerrie (trumpet tk.2), Harry (percussion tk.9), Dolf Planteijdt (guitar tk.3) Recorded at Studio Suite 16, Rochdale, England. Produced by Jon Langford. Mean …
€10.00 €5.00
LUBUAKU by Konono No.1
Recorded 5th February 2003 in Vera, Groningen, Holland. Straight from the mixing desk to the computer by Edwin and Koos. Live sound by Grrrt. Mastered by Colin McLean. Mingiedi Mawangu - likembe solo Makuntima Mawangu - likembe 2e solo/accompaniment, vocals, percussion Kabuika Nsekula - li …
€10.00 €5.00
THE LAUGHING OWL by Han Bennink + Terrie Ex
Han Bennink - drums Terrie Ex - guitar Recorded January 5, 2000 at Studio Toon in Koog a/d Zaan, Holland, by Koeienverhuur Mobile. Engineered by Dolf. Mixed + mastered by Zlaya, Terrie and Dolf. Sleevenotes Try to imagine the sounds of a laughing owl, and you might find yourself hoot …
€10.00 €5.00
HEF by Ab Baars + Terrie Ex
Ab Baars - saxophone, clarinet Terrie Ex - guitar Recorded during two sessions at the Jottem studio space in Wormerveer, Holland, by Colin McLean. Mixed + mastered by Zlaya and Terrie. Tracklist Oud Over De Ijzeren Tulp Stokdutter Hamergaar Iselijk Termiet Krijzeltande …
€10.00 €5.00
HERETICS by Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor + Thurston Moore
“Heretics” is a series of portraits of radical heretical figures found throughout the history of schismatic thinking. Heretics like Caravaggio, William Burroughs, Jose Mujica, Marquis de Sade and Johnny Rotten, fascinated the artists. These influential figures are presented here in the form of poeti …
€25.00 €20.00
LE JOURNALISTE by Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor
Using text from newspaper articles and radio broadcasts by one journalist, spoken word artist Anne-James Chaton chooses a portrait out of his series of 100, and sets it to music. Le Journaliste combines voice recordings with multilayered soundscapes by guitarist Andy Moor. Moor has a beautiful so …
€12.00 €5.00
WE ARE IN THE WAR (CD) by Prince Buju
Prince Buju – kologo, voice. I met Prince Buju in January 2014 in King Ayisoba's bar in North Kanishie, a neighborhood on the north side of the bigger Accra. He was introduced as a kologo player and singer and a really good friend of King Ayisoba. Those days I was running from studio to studio an …
€12.00 €5.00
BOURGEOIS BLUES by Zea + Xavier Charles
The unique Zea style with the wonderful clarinet parts of Xavier Charles (Chalôns en Champagne, France). The work of clarinetist Xavier Charles ranges from noise to electro-acoustic via sound poetry. He has played in numerous new music festivals in France and abroad. “Bourgeois Blues” (A1) is bas …
€7.00 €5.00
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