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SUPER COSMOTICS by Zea / Kanipchen Fit

Label: Makkum Records
Catalogue #: MR 2
Format: 7” single
Release Date: 2010
Availability: In Stock

A split 7″ with Dutch-American duo Kanipchen-Fit. Half of the 500 copies that were pressed are on green vinyl, the other half on red. Zea and Kanipchen-Fit were on tour together a lot in 2010 and the split 7″ is a logical addition to it. On the Zea side you here the Ethio-electro-blues dance hit “Song For Electricity” and the more intimate eclectic instrumental “Ich Hab Ein Riesenkopf”. Kanipchen-Fit put two of their Electro-indie-soul gems on called “People Need Love” and “Old Lies”.

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