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PARADISO 3 SONG E.P. by King Champion Sounds

Label: Paradiso Vinyl Club
Catalogue #: PVC025
Format: 7"
Release Date: 2018
Availability: In Stock

KING CHAMPION SOUNDS release a magnificent 3 song EP on the Paradiso Vinyl Club label. A strictly limited release, the only way to own a copy of this fine piece of vinyl, is to become a member of the Paradiso Vinyl Club (
we have obtained a few copies that we are able to sell on this mailorder site.

The 3 songs are:
1. RED LADDER DAY (a 2 min. jackhammer of a pop song that thrills & excites like yr first kiss)
2. CINECITTA (musique concrète piece showcasing KCS’ compositional skills)
3. PITY MALL (the spirit of J Dilla permeates through this looped piano killer jam).

King Champion Sounds are: Ajay Saggar (gtr), G.W. Sok (v), Oli Heffernan (b), Mees Siderius (dr), Chris Moerland (trb), Ditmer Weertman (sx), Elsa van der Linden (sx)

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