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Label: Ex Records
Catalogue #: EX 035D
Format: CD
Release Date: 1988
Availability: In Stock

Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), John (vocals tks.9-12), Luc (bass), Yoke (bass tks.1-4), Sabien (drums tks.1-4), Katrin (drums tks.5-12).

Guest musicians - Kees (saxophone tks.1-4), Wineke (violin tks.1-4), Dolf Planteijdt (heavymental guitar tks.1-4), Tom Greene (guitar tks.5-8), Susy Honeyman (violin tks.5-8), Jon Langford (singing gardensnake tks.5-8).

Recorded as Peel Sessions at BBC's Maida Vale Studios, London, England. Tracks 1-4 produced by Roger Pusey, 1983. Tracks 5-8 produced by Dale Griffin, 1985. Tracks 9-12 produced by Dale Griffin, 1986.

Crap Rap


  1. Crap Rap
  2. U.S. Hole
  3. Pleased To Meat You
  4. Scrub That Scum
  5. Choice
  6. Hands Up! You're Free
  7. Butter Or Bombs
  8. Uh-Oh Africa
  9. Knock
  10. Ignorance
  11. A Job/Stupid
  12. Business As Usual


"Maybe in bursts, where the undertow doesn't need to be ribbed with volume, this record represents the real Ex, the complex, hyperfast, mobile scourge of convenient ignorance and partyline stupidity."


Digital album available from Bandcamp.

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