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COLLECTOR (CD) by Chapi Chapo

Label: Music From The Masses
Catalogue #: MFTM 07
Format: CD
Release Date: 2020
Availability: In Stock

Chapi Chapo from Bretagne, France, returns with an album full of (73) toy music instruments, and with a whole bunch of guest-vocalists: Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Laetitia Shériff, Troy von Balthazar (Chokebore), Tiny Feet, Rachel Barreda Horwood (Trash Kit), Maxwell Farrington, and G.W. Sok.
Released in December 2020 on Music From The Masses/PIAS.

"De brocantes en vide-greniers, le musicien finistérien amasse par centaines des jouets musicaux anciens du monde entier. Son 4e album s’articule autour des jouets électroniques. C’est dans une marmite multicolore que prend vie Collector, un joyeux ovni qui navigue entre minimal pop, électro pop et punky pop."

1. When we was older (w/ Maxwell Farrington) 05:11
2. Let's 02:07
3. Nothing will stand still (w/ Laetitia Shériff) 03:19
4. It's fate (w/ Jad Fair) 03:22
5. Hot lixx 03:33
6. The hurdles (w/ Rachel Barreda Horwood) 04:26
7. No no no no no (w/ G.W. Sok) 03:41
8. Seller Keller (w/ Tiny Feet) 05:07
9. Old toys (w/ Troy Von Balthazar) 05:40


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