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INSTANT by The Ex + Guests

Label: Ex Records
Catalogue #: EX 063/064D
Format: 2CD
Release Date: 1995
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Terrie (guitar), Luc (bass), Andy (guitar, viola), Katrin (drums), Han Buhrs (harmonica, guitar, toffee-tin bass), G.W. Sok (various), plus organ, accordion, samples + tape, djembé-springs, mbira, reed shakers, musical saw, acoustic guitar, double-bass, chairs.

Guest musicians - Ab Baars (saxophones, clarinet), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Han Bennink (drums), Michael Vatcher (drums, percussion), Tristan Honsinger (cello), Dolf Planteijdt (acoustic guitar).

Recorded at the Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Produced by Dolf Planteijdt.

If The Hat Fits The Suit

Danse Maudit


Disc 1

  1. If The Hat Fits The Suit
  2. Duo Rumpus
  3. Kloptimog Twist
  4. Baars Vs Karekiet
  5. Keng Lil Surf
  6. Duo Triptych Too
  7. Lip Up, Stump
  8. So Low, Solex?
  9. Skoplje Bop
  10. Buildance
  11. Bratunac
  12. Horsemeal
  13. Expoobident
  14. Slow Sleeper
  15. Duo Loom
  16. Te-Au-O-Tonga

Disc 2

  1. Travel On, Poor Bob
  2. What Inflexibility?
  3. Bon-Go Tell You Git-La La
  4. Duo Variola
  5. Meanwhile Back In Ozone Street
  6. Smuiger
  7. Rusticles
  8. Atoll
  9. Exile O'phonics
  10. Danse Maudit
  11. Knit Knack + Zoom
  12. Oh Muted Foghorn
  13. Duo Tonebone + Hitgit
  14. The Turtle The Hare
  15. Karremans' Last Measure
  16. ThereWereSonicBangsInTheSongsISang,ThereWasNothingTicklingNoOne


"Two CDs worth of short, terrific small-ensemble improvisations. Lots of pleasant little surprises."


"Practically without vocals The Ex travel through a dreamworld in which surprises surprise each other, and where new and thus far hidden worlds lay themselves open."


"32 miniatures. Some are frankly fascinating, others by all means amazing. But it never gets dull or smooth."


Digital album available from Bandcamp.

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