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Label: Tractor Notown
Catalogue #: NOT08
Format: CD
Release Date: 2016
Availability: In Stock

After his departure from The Ex in late 2008, G.W. Sok kind of reinvented himself, and is now the vocalist of no less than 5, 6, 7, fuckknowshowmany bands, but he still writes poetic and powerful to-the-point lyrics, and performs all over the globe. Yet most of his stuff is somewhat hard to find, hence the idea of compiling some sort of cross section of his recent musical and lyrical escapades. Just for the hell of it. And therefore Tractor Notown proudly presents: “THE ALWAYS VERY DIFFICULT 35TH ALBUM”…

1. Two Pin Din - Listen to the Painters
2. Zoikle - Illusies 1
3. Action Beat - Spoonfeed Hell
4. Year of Birds - Yir of Beards?
5. Chapi Chapo & les Petites Musiques de Pluie - Here We Go Again
6. Cannibales & Vahinés - No Can Do
7. Detective Instinct - Lore of the Lamb
8. Gran Kino - Bericht uIt Beijing
9. Filiamotsa - 4.Q.S.O.
10. L’Etrangleuse - Writer’s Blog
11. Surplus 1980 - The World’s Still Here
12. King Champion Sounds - Ghetto of Eden
13. The And - The Heart of Everything
14. The Bent Moustache - The Sound of Sirens

"Een fascinerende collage (…). ‘Listen to the Painters’ opent een wereld van muziek die nog volmondig dwars durft te zijn.”
– Jan Vollaard / NRC

"Kortom, je krijgt een behoorlijk breed palet geserveerd. Dat is niet op maat van de radio en degenen die het allemaal liever wat voorgekauwd hebben, maar de songs blinken stuk voor stuk uit in een geest van overgave en engagement, waarvan de teksten die je erbij krijgt, voldoende bewijs zijn." – Guy Peters / ENOLA.BE

"'Listen to the Painters' is anything but the sound of defeat, but new possibilities and new strategies for an old mission, reaffirmed."
– Jesse Jarnow / FLAVORWIRE


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