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ZOIKLE by Zoikle

Label: Tractor Notown
Catalogue #: NOT11 (RW 045)
Format: LP
Release Date: 2020
Availability: In Stock

The first 12" album on vinyl by Amsterdam/Rotterdam based Zoikle, featuring Lukas Simonis (guitar) and G.W. Sok (voice). A co-release by Tractor Notown (NOT 11) and Red Wig (RW 045). Album contains 14 tracks and includes free download code.

PRE-ORDERS are possible NOW. Album is available starting August 24th, 2020.
Also: till the end of the year Zoikle's Illusies 1+2 7" single will be available for 3 euros only.

ZOIKLE started in 2010 as a three-piece with Sok, Simonis and Hitz, with two tracks recorded for The Eternal Option, a short, experimental movie by Marit Shalem/sPoP. This resulted in the Illusies 1+2 7” vinyl single in 2011. Soon after Hoogerdijk joined. Mid 2013 the band came to a sudden halt... due to residencies, pregnancies, agendas, commitments... People were busy having lives, too. In late 2018 Simonis and Sok started digging up stuff from the archives, revibed and mixed and renovated old tracks, wrote a few new lyrics, finished some old ideas, added some beats, melodies, whatever, and voila! In the years in between, some of the Zoikle texts of back then had a live, too. Annother live, so to speak. So yes, at times you’ll recognize a line or two.

With ZOIKLE back on vinyl, the band will also be back on stage soon. This time as a two-piece (Simonis and Sok).

G.W. Sok (voice), Lukas Simonis (guitar), Nina Hitz (cello), Cor Hoogerdijk (drums).

Mixed by LGS at L6S Studio. 
Mastered by Jeroen Visser.


1. Sit in the sun (3.04)
2. Happy (3.11)
3.  Poor lonesome cowboy (2.31)
4. Red devils (1.57)
5. Waiting (3.02)
6. Gangrene (3.10)
7. Up to eleven (1.35)

1. Nothing (1.46)
2. Murder madness (3.34)
3. The light 1.55)
4. 4Q 2.13)
5. Shouting/moon (3.31)
6. City of shame (3.13)
7. Alonalone (3.15)



Have a first taste of Zoikle here:

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