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All Terp releases available from Ex Mailorder.

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Djibril Diabate - kora Fassery Diabate - balaphone Mahamadou Kamissoko - ngoni Recorded and mixed on the 25th of August 1998 at the Koeienverhuur Studio in Purmerland, Holland by Colin and Zlaya. Tracklist Jamba Kedou Djamana Djara Safonke Soundjata Dji Dougoule T …
‘IMPROVISING'. The story of an amazing one-year journey around Africa, by Emma Fischer and Terrie Hessels. 120 pages; some 200 photos; sized square A-4. Published on April 1st (no joke!), 2021. IT IS AVAILABLE NOW! Meanwhile, a message for Dutch customers: het PostNL tarievengedoe is een tikje …
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