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Tractor Notown

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ZOIKLE by Zoikle
The first 12" album on vinyl by Amsterdam/Rotterdam based Zoikle, featuring Lukas Simonis (guitar) and G.W. Sok (voice). A co-release by Tractor Notown (NOT 11) and Red Wig (RW 045). Album contains 14 tracks and includes free download code. PRE-ORDERS are possible NOW. Album is available starting …
INTERNATIONAL STATIC SPLIT by King Champion Sounds/Surplus 1980
Tractor Notown proudly presents... its 10th release... KING CHAMPION SOUNDS of Yurp team up with SURPLUS 1980 (USA) for the beautiful International Static Split. Surplus 1980 is an outfit built around Moe Staiano, formerly of the avantgarde rockband Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Moe!kestra. …
5 by Club Cactus
Club Cactus is Anthony Laguerre (Filiamotsa, Praag, Noctura) and Jean-Michel Pires (Bruit Noir, NLF3)… 2 French drummers, face to face, for a tribal, noisy and psychedelic music. Reelased by Beg Rose Records. Featuring the voices of G.W.Sok, Alexei Moon Casselle, Benoît Burello, Don Nino, Pascal Bo …
RELEASED ON FRIDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 2017 A brand new 7" by King Champion Sounds, straight after their magnificient third album, the double LP To Awake In That Heaven Of Freedom. This 7" has been recorded and released especially for their Dutch/British tour of February/March 2017. Both tracks fall …
After his departure from The Ex in late 2008, G.W. Sok kind of reinvented himself, and is now the vocalist of no less than 5, 6, 7, fuckknowshowmany bands, but he still writes poetic and powerful to-the-point lyrics, and performs all over the globe. Yet most of his stuff is somewhat hard to find, he …
SONGS FOR A FREE BODY (LP) by Cannibales & Vahinés
The third album of Cannibales & Vahinés from Toulouse, the second featuring G.W. Sok on vocals. With a sound unbound, and nine brand new songs. Available both on CD and LP. The CD version is released by Freddy Morezon ( Morezon 12) in early November 2015. The vinyl version was released by …
€15.00 €10.00
STRAW by The And
The first 7" release by The And. (Which is half of Cannibales & Vahinés). A 2-track 7" vinyl disc. Guitar and voice. Melody, soundscape, poetry. Some translated words from Jan Arends, plus an old Ex lyric, both set to different, new music. G.W. Sok - vocals Nicolas Lafourest - guitar …
€5.00 €3.00
THE AND by The And
The first release by The And. (Which is half of Cannibales & Vahinés). A 6-track 10" vinyl album. Guitar and voice. Melody, soundscape, poetry. Some words used from Bowie, Beefheart, Dylan, Arends, plus some music from Joy Division. Plus some stuff of their own. G.W. Sok - vocals Nic …
MIRROR MAN by Cannibales + Vahinés
The first 7" of Cannibales & Vahinés from Toulouse, France, with GW Sok on vocals. Released on Record Store Day 2015. A warm-up for the new album, heading your way in October. Side A: Mirror Man Side B: November Night     …
€6.00 €3.00
GIFTS, MILK AND THINGS  by Two Pin Din & G.W. Sok
Double 7" vinyl single by Two Pin Din (Wilf Plum, ex-Dog Faced Hermans, and Andy Kerr, ex-noMeansNo; both on guitar) and G.W. Sok (voice). Four songs, two singles, and one gatefold sleeve. Out on Tractor Notown (NOT 03) in collaboration with Aredje (ARL. 033). Tracklisting A. Listen to the paint …
N.O.W.H.E.R.E by Cannibales + Vahinés
The second album (CD only) of Cannibales & Vahinés from Toulouse, France, the first one with GW Sok on vocals. Tracklisting   1. 2-2-3 Fridges   2. No can do   3. Rid 05:51   4. Aphrodite improv   5. Strange fruit   6. This current state   7. Lazaru …
ILLUSIES 1 + 2 by Zoikle
The first 7" of Rotterdam based Zoikle, featuring Lukas Simonis (guitar) and G.W. Sok (voice). Two illusions, both in Dutch. …
€5.00 €3.00
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