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SHIFTING SANDS (LP) by Ab Baars + Terrie Ex

Label: Terp Records
Catalogue #: IS-26LP
Format: LP
Release Date: 2016
Availability: In Stock
“A 16-year recording hiatus, but finally the unusual pair of Ab Baars and Terrie Ex are together again in the studio. Terrie, wicked grin, tilting his head like a dog hearing an instruction to back off, jumping straight out a favourite children’s book, The Menace from Wormer. And Ab, stepping right out of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age. Nothing if not a gentleman: impeccably dressed, soft-spoken, well-mannered. An unlikely match if ever there was one. And yet...”

Guy Peters, 2016

Recorded by Kasper Frenkel at Electric Monkey, Amsterdam. September 17, 2015.

Mixed and mastered by Arnold de Boer.

Artwork + layout by Emma Fischer.

Photos by Werner Krepper (Terrie) and Willy Schuyten (Ab).

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